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Lila XP Plus

Lila XP Plus

Lila XP Plus

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Space to grow | Easy maneuverability | Large basket | Conquer any surface |

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  • Space to grow

    Lila XP+ offers comfort to your baby all the way from newborn up to four years of age thanks to the XXL carrycot and XXL spacious seat, with a length of over a meter.

  • Easy maneuverability

    Make maneuvering extra easy – simply lock or unlock the front wheels with the modulo-drive buttons on the frame for easy-swiveling.

  • Large basket

    The Lila XP+ includes an XXL basket large enough to hold anything you might need on the go, up to 10 kg.

  • Conquer any surface

    All-terrain wheels, soft front and rear suspension, means rough rides on any terrain have never been more comfortable.

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